They, Stone, calls this the Cuvee de Bastards and rightly so.  It combines and blends the 3 notable  variations: Arrogant Bastard, Oaked Aged Bastard, and Double Bastard in this one-off brew that was released in November of 2010.  Its release celebrated 13 years since the original was brewed in 1997.  Having had the aforementioned beers I was not sure exactly what to expect from Lucky.

The pour was close in color to its contributors.  Orange, ruby reds, and light browns.  There is sediment so make sure you decant when pouring.  The head was very dense, almost like a cask pulled ale, providing a soft foam that looked inviting.  Lacing followed the beer as it slowly dwindled from the glass.

The nose on this beer was complex.  Peppery, spicy, woody, earthy, hoppy, caramel, toffee, grapes, dates, dark fruit, Quad-like, bready, and berries.  It was surprisingly smooth and did not have that boozy quality found in the Double.  The oakiness helps to round out the rough edges and bring the blend into unity.  The hops are piney, pungent, dang and earthy.  There is almost a mix of English and American hop aromas taking place adding to the complexity.

I enjoyed this beer for the fact that I could savor each separate beer, without having to buy three different bottles.  I appreciated how the blends did not overpower me in any way, but still managed to deliver a might strong and robust beer.  It has a punch, but allows the other components to shine.  The oak was present in the finish lending that drying effect in the aftertaste.  The standard Bastard provided the lively hops that carried the beer’s bitterness well.  The Double Bastard gave the depth of malt that made it taste akin to a Quad.  Jammy and somewhat sticky, I’d say the mouthfeel was moderate-heavy.  In all honesty, I wish they would recreate this one again on a more regular basis.