It poured amber. Nice amber if you know what I mean. Clear, fresh, inviting. Good lacing on a white head but it was the aroma that drew me in. Hops. Lots of hops. Grapefruit to the max. This rivals my favorite beer. I love dark beers that say “relax” and I love lighter beers that say “bright” , “light”, “drink me”. That what I loved about this lighter beer it was inviting. So inviting that I wanted to drink it very fast. “Slow down and enjoy this lively brew” is what I kept saying to myself. Here are some descriptive words for this Imperial hatter — nice citrus, fruity as can be, sweet malts and earthy hops. NH did a great job. Although the hops hit you first the balance of malts is also satisfying but long live hops. They rule this beer. It finished well with a slow fade and bitterness. Creamy is the word to describe the mouthfeel but the bubbles where there too. Slow down. Drink as if you’ve got all day even though you’ll want to gobble this one up.