I haven’t shut off my phone for months. I mean really shut it off. Hold the power button, slide the little red arrow and watch the Apple swirl until all goes black. Tonight, with a special release Capital Square Series brew in hand, it felt like the right thing to do. Within spitting distance of Christmas, the craziness of full parking lots, overstuffed plastic bags and piles of receipts was getting to me just a bit and I need to reflect. On a beer.

The labels describes Ms. Tett like a runway model: the ‘gorgeous Brunett’ is ‘intriguing, upfront, yet controlled’ and despite the overly eloquent phrasing (of which I’m never guilty), I seem to agree. The beer is indeed intriguing, the maltiness of the aroma spilling forth with a strength beyond what the color and clarity would suggest. The slimline head is tan and just coats the top of a golden-to-bronze-to-light-brownish hue. The color is complex as can be, more than most I’ve seen, in fact. I’m usually more anxious to smell and taste, but the looks of this beauty keep my attention for a bit. However, I eventually inhale and the malts seem to rule. There is a slight hint of yeast that reminds me of rich Belgians, but the ‘hop essence’ also claimed on the label seems absent.

The drink was intense. Incredibly forward, the texture and taste made me feel like I had just taken a bite, not a sip. It was rich and meaty, prevalent with malt and scattered with hints of yeasty bread. It was coating and left an almost tannin-like dryness in the back of my throat. It was quite smooth and, blended with a slight, unidentifiable sweetness, completely lacked any alcohol taste.

Privileged to try one of Capital’s “Very Limited Release” brews, I was more than satisfied and enjoyed my continued foray into the land of Bocks. I’ve heard Capital does that style well and I look forward to rounding out my experience with a few more of their brew of choice.