This mid-range abv brew reminded me of an a newer twist on the Scottish ales of old.  The beige thin head seemed to disappear into the amber-orange cloudy beverage as I pressed my nose in for a smell.  Note: I have not had kola nuts or guarana so I have no point of reference with regards to aroma and flavor (for that I am sorry).

It smelled earthy, musty, and herbal.  The biggest aromas that I could pick up on come from the hops and heather honey.  I was unfortunately not able to pick up on the poppy seeds due to the sweet malt presense.  Toasty and toffee notes blended well with the above-mentioned aromas.

The taste is bitter and herbal in both the front and back of the palate.  Honey flavors were more noticeable towards the finish as the middle is pretty uneventful.  Basically, it was a rather bland malty consistency.  There was a minor amount of spice from one of the ingredients and a piney flavor that I guess might be from the kola nuts.  It was a pretty interesting brew to sip on, but in the end it didn’t strike me as one I’d go back to again and again.  I enjoyed the honey addition, recalling the Summit 90/-Scottish Ale I had a while back which has a great herbal spice and floral component.  The mouthfeel was moderately heavy and residual sugars were left on my palate.