The name KGB conjures up dark, clandestine operations of power. It also conjures up cold. Russia, the home of KGB, was cold. That’s an understatement. So my photo is perfect for introducing this dark Russian imperial stout. Perhaps the brew master was clandestine in his pursuit of creating this winter brew whether it was out in the public or formed in the dark it’s a great beer. It pours dark, rich and heavy. KGBish! I didn’t get the head to get big or stay around. It smells heavy and rich with chocolate, licorice, raisins, roasted malts and heavy alcohol. I love stouts and am glad to add another to my list of preferred stouts. I find Widmer Brothers gives me what I’m looking for. A powerful drink that is substantial for the winter months but still with a monthfeel that is smooth and refreshing yet coats the mouth with a thin layer of nice aftertaste. There is a complexity to it that fits the name and provides great interest as you sip. A great beer for a cold day while watching snow come down in the tundra of Minnesota.