Yakima Twilight is a seasonal beer available from Victory Brewing Company between November and January. It is brewed with four Yakima Valley hops, imported German malts, and has an ABV of 8.7%. The following is our team review of this beer:

Taylor: Holy strangeness, Batman! This beer is very odd … pours a dark brown with hints of red, with a creamy head. I moved in for the smell and was hit with a big hops aroma … not something you expect from a beer this color. Smells of grapefruit and pine like a full-bodied IPA. The taste, however, is full of rich toasted malts with that great smokey coffee quality. Here I think Victory Brewing marries the qualities of two distinctly different styles in a creative way. Can’t say that I would go to this beer again, preferring to enjoy the tastes separately. But still, super innovative. Grade: B

Tom: My experience with Yakima Twilight was a bit average. Yes, it was very hoppy in nature and possessed a deep malt character, but overall I felt it was lacking balance. There were light chocolate and toasted malts resembling a Brown Ale. A citrusy hop aroma came across as grapefruit or pineapple. When reflecting on this brew, it seemed like a darker-than-normal IPA. The bitterness was present throughout each sip. My palate was left with minor chocolate and caramel notes, but they were overshadowed by the hoppiness and a slight alcoholic kick at the end. Not the best Victory I’ve had. Grade: C

Noel: A surprising beer, to say the least. Victory’s website describes it as a “heavyweight battle between fresh, Yakima Valley hops and dark, roasted malts”…and that’s honestly a perfect picture of what’s going on in the glass. Both ingredients are fighting to be front and center, but they end up complimenting each other extremely well. Dominant floral hops upfront, fading to a coffee-like roast in the finish, and significant carbonation providing a little extra bite. There’s even a “hidden” surprise: 8.7% ABV! But with flavors this intense, you’d never even notice if not for the warming sensation at the end (or your decrease in motor skills if you drink it too fast). Sessionable? Hardly. But this is one of the best beers I’ve had that melds dark malt and a strong hop presence. If you’re looking for a visual experience as well, the lacing is fairly epic. Grade: B+

Michael: The brew poured a huge yelllowy-tan head. It was fluffy, a mess of bubbles and air, like a tasty cross-section of insulation. It poured a core of brown, with amber edges. The smell was wonderful. A pleasant mix of ripe, sweet fruit and malts sweetened again with molasses and spiced with sprinkles of cinnamon. It tasted much as it smelled and reminded me of many an enjoyable Belgian strong ale. It tasted softly of coffee as it warmed and the fruit became even more pronounced. The finish was intriguing, with a hoppiness, followed by a pleasant sweet smoothness. It was as though the tastes disappeared long before the mouthfeel, which disappeared gradually, like…the fading of…a sun. Huh. Twilight anyone? Grade: A

ABV: 8.7%

Final Grade: B