Fresh beer is the best beer and being just 20 minutes from Two Brothers brewery and knowing that this particular brew was bottled within the last week, I would say this one classifies as fresh.

The pour was nice, a dark, deep brown but nothing too thick or syrupy. It was definitely opaque, a tan head that lightened to be that way over a minute or two of settling in. There was a beautiful sheath of lace forming almost immediately, giving an impression of rich, frothy thickness. The scent was a bit of a let down, slightly less complex than I was hoping, a straight malt scent was present, and perhaps a slight blend of sweetness and chocolate. The sip was an improvement. While still simple, it was satisfying and rich at the same time. An incredible blend of malt and hops lingered in perfect balance on the finish. It was a truly great ending. While the chocolate was still present, it was not sweet, but bitter and grainy, liked a dark chocolate bread. There was a tang as well, making it a bit less drinkable than I was looking for. There is even a backdrop of citrus, almost lemony tart, intermingled with a smoky flavor as well, revealing a very interesting combination.

A style I don’t normally come across, this gift from a friend was a well enjoyed treat and one I would definitely purchase myself when in just the right mood.