John: This brew was first made in 1997 as the flagship beer of Sweetwater Brewing Company. It happened to be born on 4/20 hence the name. Use this triva to impress your friends. You will also impress them by sending them to one great website– Now back to the beer. 420 is a light-bodied West Coast style pale ale with a nice hoppy aroma, flavor and finish. I like the grapefruit notes and a few hints of orange and hoppy spices. At first you’ll not know if it’s hops or malts coming at you. One of the features I like best is the balance and smoothness. I also appreciate the fact that this beer is drinkable at any time. It is refreshing but not to light. It has substance but not heavy. Nice beer. I enjoyed minetonight we some smoked pulled pork.You’ll have trouble finding it outside of Georgia but pick up a sixpack when you drive through. Grade: B+

Tom: I would define this APA as one of the most well balanced I have had. To me this is how a Pale should be. A very pleasant hop profile supported by a great malt backbone. The color is a golden hue with a minor haze capped by a fluffy white head that laces. Visually this beer is very appealing before you even take a sip. Pressing my nose up to it I got a subltle biscuit malt blended with a floral spicy hop character. Moreover, the hops presented a fruity almost light bubblegum aroma. Additional notes of malt made me think I was sticking my head in a bag of freshly crushed pale malt. The interplay between both malt and hops is like a hand in a glove. The taste is great! Bready and lightly hoppy on the floral side of bitter. Light caramel flavors give a sweet touch mid sip before the more spicy hop flavors hit the back of the tongue. Not many breweries have a flagship beer that I would want to drink over and over, but Sweetwater really has a winner in 420. I’m thankful my parents were kind enough to pick me up a sixer on their last trip down to Atlanta. Grade: A