The illustrious ‘bachelor weekend’ isn’t quite what it used to be. That’s because my beautiful daughter entered the world a little over a year ago and changed things up a bit. So the last few days as her mom travels halfway around the world I am no longer bored to the point of Bejeweled and Hogan’s Heroes reruns, but instead, I am just barely awake at 7:30 and feeling just barely alive. However, every bachelor weekend needs a pizza night and every pizza night needs a pilsner. So, tonight, is that night.

As I am originally from St. Paul, Summit has a dear place in my heart. They have continued to grow in facility, capacity and reputation. They are no longer just the hometown brewery, but, despite their size, have lost none of their charm. The brewery’s tour continues to be in high demand, with waits of up to a month for their hour long walk-through and free samples. A little while back I snagged their Summer Sampler Pack and have had a few stashed in the fridge ever since. Tonight’s beaut is their Pilsener, a perfect pairing to my double-pepperoni-and-olives Papa Johns. Yum.

Poured into my pilsner glass it erupted with a violent flash of white head. At one point my tube-shaped glass was one inch straw gold and seven inches of white froth. Slowly, the dirty golden liquid won out, leaving but two inches of fluff, weakened by the battle to just a dollop of airy foam. There were immediate rings of lace as well, as the pockets of air collapsed under the head and everything settled, surrendering to my eager palate. The aroma was of dirty lemons, pretty straight forward and simple, a seemingly perfect accompaniment to a garlic-dipped pizza crust. The lemon tones down drastically in taste, and the brew has a surprisingly heavy feel for a light beer. It is still refreshing, however, aided in great part b the constant stream of carbonation, helping to give off a light, spritzy sensation. The malts are significant as well, bready and, again, heavier than I suspected. There are slight notes of orange that helps in the finish and the overall hop quality is very quiet.

For its purpose, I think Summit’s pils does a fine job. After sampling Left Hand’s take on the same style, however, this particular pilsner wouldn’t be my go-to.