I first tried Stone beer in a Chicago area pub and low and behold 6 months later it showed up on shelves in Minnesota. I had tried 5 Stone beers one night but this IPA was not on the menu. This is a great beer. Stone has a strong reputation where it is available and I’m guessing it will be a great hit even in the far North. This beer pours a light amber color with good carbonation and a fluffy head that lasts a nice amount of time. I like long lasting heads because they add some interest if you are sipping. Your nose will catch some nice hops aroma with a slight smoked scent, some herbs, pine, malt, something sweet and a tad bit of dirty socks! The aroma is misleading (especially the dirty socks). This is a strong aroma beer and lighter taste beer. Don’t expect the depth of a double but this is a great IPA. Enjoy some grapefruit and orange flavors before the finish comes. The mouthfeel is medium but so silky that is borders on thick. What a finish–smooth, memorable and subtle. Sure glad Stone made it to Minnesota. Maybe the crowd will be slow to catch on and I can get this IPA whenever I want.