Our 3 day beer crawl in the Napa Valley of brewers was outstanding. 3 dedicated days to tasting brews and talking with brewmasters was a highlight of the year. One of those highlights was the Rogue Ales Public House near downtown Portland. So many beers to chose from and so little time! Upon my return from this beer lover’s dream trip I was determined to try every beer that Rogue offered. On my list was the Yellow Snow IPA so off I went to Oakdale, Minnesota’s Cork and Barrel. After looking over the selection I picked YS. It poured a hazy yellowish orange with a huge head. One of the best, longest lasting, lacy heads I’ve had. The smell was marked by mild hops and wet leaves. Nothing like the smell of wet leaves for a fall brew. On an October day when the clouds were gray and the rain was keeping us in side this seasonal beer was a perfect companion during the ALCS. The taste was better than the muted smell. Nice pine, bitter hops and a hint of caramel. The mouthfeel was inspiring, especially at warmer temps. It was a bit thin when it was cold but took on a very appealing smooth sensation that made me wish I’d let the first pint warm up for a while. So, thin went to medium as it warmed. The finish was bitter and great. An hour later I’m still feeling the bitterness on my lips. Effervescence throughout contributed to a great IPA.