I spent ten hours of my Saturday pursuing the darkest of beers. Dark Lord Day 2010 proved to be an adventurous, exciting, crowded, collaborative, craft beer-filled day. Coming down from the high of scoring four of my very own Dark Lord bombers, my sleepy Sunday afternoon needed a dark brew accompaniment. I had purchased this oddly emblazoned brew several weeks ago on the east side of the St. Croix River on my way into St. Paul. O’so Brewing Company (pronounced Oh-So), as many craft breweries claim, clambers for the brewing of a different beer, ones unique in style and flavor.

My particular O’so brew, the Night Train, lays claim to being “roasty, chewy, robust, judicial, creamy, bold, complex, immense.” While a tall order from such a tiny brewery, this beer was surprisingly good. Unlike life’s night train trips through the European countryside, this brew was smooth and delightful. Despite the delicious taste, the aroma was the highlight. My wife, usually good for a shrug of her shoulders after smelling the beer I shove under her nose, raised her eyebrows at this one, and told of the strong, sweet chocolate that escaped my snifter. I agreed, and added caramel and coffee to the mix and upgraded the chocolate to a smooth, rich fudge. While the flavor was solid, the chocolate continuing on the palate and easing its way into a dry, burnt roast finish, the nose was so complex and memorable that it was a tough act to follow. I will definitely take a trip on the Night Train again!

ABV: ?

Grade: B+