You can imagine what this beer may taste like based on the name. After a good day at work and a daughter that is early to bed, I couldn’t wait to crack this beer open. Thanks to Steve in Colorado for this treat.

It pours a rich, golden honey color with a fluffy, dense, billowy head. Aroma is of sharp citrus and floral hops, with a hint of lemon. A very potent, present and pleasing smell. Very inviting.

The taste is just phenomenal! I’ve enjoyed 5 of these ever since the 6 pack arrived, and waited on the sixth to give it a review that does it justice. I’ve been impressed by Odell so far, and St. Lupulin is no exception. This is a remarkable beer. Full of hops, yet tamed with the perfect amount of caramel malt sweetness. This beer is not only flavorful, it’s very drinkable. I enjoy every sip. This beer tastes very similar to English style IPA’s that I’ve enjoyed. The beer coats my mouth with a lingering bitterness that lasts a while, but makes you want more. Overall it has a very clean flavor profile, start to finish, no off flavors, and exceptional taste. A beer I could grab at anytime if only it were available in IL. It’s actually a seasonal release so unfortunately nobody can enjoy it all the time.

Odell does it again with a great beer. If you ever have the chance to enjoy this, make sure you do, as I can’t imagine you would regret it. In the comparison to similar beers of this style, I would put St. Lupulin near the top. Although technically it’s an Extra Pale Ale, not an IPA, but with an ABV of 6.5% it finds itself right in the middle for me. A great balance of malt and hops, with enough body and ABV to only need one or two. But I must admit, if I had another one, I’d probably open right now. It leaves some very intricate lacing down the glass also. Thanks Odell. Great beer.

Grade: A

ABV: 6.5%