A+. I wanted you to know right up front what I thought of this beer. If I could give it ++ I would. But I digress. I sampled this brew at a beer festival. I jotted myself a note “got to get this”. That was months ago so when I picked up a four pack I wasn’t sure why I wanted to review this. Then I tasted it. Wow! This is as close to my perfect seasonal beer as possible. The name Nosferatu refers to a 1920s German horror film about a vampire. That’s the only horror you will experience. From there it goes up.

It is hazy reddish-amber in color and has a cream head with a bit of lacing. Nice. Then the ordinary gets extraordinary. The aroma is grapefruit, orange and pine. If you don’t gulp it, because it’s so good, you come upon some breadish qualities. It tastes better than it smells and it smells great. What a wonderful balance of hops and not too sweet caramel malts. With low carbonation and smooth as silk mouthfeel it borders on ideal. In fact the mouthfeel is somewhere between smooth, rich and oily. It just doesn’t last long enough. I popped two of these babies down at my first sitting. My only regret was I drank one too many so I have to buy more. And at $12 a pack I wanted to stretch it out. Unbelievably great beer. Similar to but better than a double IPA. Go for it and tell me if this wowed you like it wowed me.

ABV: 8%

Grade: A+