There is a quaint little restaurant in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis called Duplex. It’s called Duplex because it’s an actual duplex that’s been retrofitted to a fantastic gem of a restaurant. It’s one of those “beer and wine only” restaurants. While some people despise a restaurant where they can’t get a stiff Tom Collins, I happen to love this kind of establishment. You know why? They always have the BEST beer and wine!

Finnegan’s Irish Amber is one of my staples. It’s an ultra-smooth amber that’s fairly light-bodied but bold in flavor. At times the flavor hints of a nut brown without the body. The lack of body is a good thing in this case, though. It’s easy to drink. As I sat enjoying this amber, my view was of a cold street in Minnesota. Still snowy. Still winter. I sat there fantasizing how wonderful it will be to sip this brew on a patio some warm summer day. That’s when this beer should be enjoyed. While delicious any time of year, I think this beer shines in the summer months. I can’t wait for summer. One last note about the brewery: Finnegan’s give 100% of its profits to local charities. So if anyone is ever giving you trouble for drinking beer, grab a Finnegan’s and tell them, “It’s for charity”.

ABV: 4.6%

Grade: A