After my glass of Erdinger, I couldn’t quite recall why I choose to taste this brew in the first place. The bottle’s label is as plain as the taste, and I’ve never seen the beer advertised or featured. As it happens, a Binny’s employee recommended Erdinger to me when I solicited hefeweizen suggestions. I’m thankful for the recommendation, but I am not wowed. I would say this particular brew would be the standard “plain vanilla” of hefeweizens. Now to be fair, I really like hefeweizens so I don’t have any complaints, but I don’t think this brew would knock off anyone’s socks.

Starting with a cloudy orange-yellow color, there is a nice head to start but it doesn’t last long and there is no substantial lacing as I drink the glass down. To my nose the wheat smell dominates with a hint of citrus, but on the tongue the wheat is tempered with a malty flavor and not much else. Of the classic hefeweizen flavors, all I notice is a hint of clove. The carbonation is not as strong as I am used to with hefeweizens. To make this a memorable drink, I would need a little more complexity in the flavor, with a couple more standout notes like the traditional banana. The best part of this drink for me was the smooth mouthfeel and dry finish, which made it incredibly easy to drink. Let’s not discredit the easy drinkability. Of all the criteria, drinkability is my favorite so extra bonus points have been awarded moving the beer from a C to a low B.

ABV: 5.3%

Grade: B-