I have learned to be cautious about my expectations when opening a bottle of beer from a “Beer-of-the-Month-Club” selection. So when I popped the EBC Pale Ale I was delighted. Ellicottville is located in southwestern New York state. It has been called the “Aspen of the East” for skiing so the charm of the beer must be comparable to the charm of the town. This brewery boasts an opportunity to be a “Brewer For A Day” for just $300, the only open air dinning in town and a beer garden that is full of European flowers including climbing hop bines (This is not a mistake. They are called bines). Now back to the beer. This is a great pale ale. Starting with the color of straw and amber with an off white head that is “sticky’ with hops oil you’ll soon experience very pleasant hoppy pine and fruity notes. You’ll want to enjoy two of these because the first one will taste so good that you’ll think it is a fluke! You’ll enjoy the flavors of toastiness, pine and hops as well. Carbonation is high but doesn’t attract too much attention. I enjoyed this beer with some chips and blue cheese. Great combo. As I got to the bottom of the glass I noticed as it warmed the bitterness and fruitiness increased. So if you don’t like bitterness drink this cold if you like fruitiness give it 30 minutes at room temperature. All this to say that my confidence in “Beer-of-the-Month-Club” selections was raised. The EBC Nut Brown was delicious as well. Review coming.

ABV: 5.5%

Grade: A