Strolling through the liquor store my eye happened upon a beer I had never seen before. The brewery is based out of Northern California and will be visited by our very own PHMan Nate and his roommates in the coming weeks. Why this beer caught my attention was due to the fact that it used Acai berries for flavor. I had maybe seen/heard of this fruit before, but never tasted it. Curiosity won over and I brought the bottle home.

From my in-depth Google search I found some information about this interesting fruit. It grows on acai palm trees in tropical regions and looks like a blueberry for the most part. Apparently, it has been associated with weight loss, but since I’m drinking a carb filled beer their effect is most likely canceled out. The color of the berry and its juice are a deep purple.

The beer itself looked like an American Wheat. It was pale-straw color with a slight haziness since there was not much yeast at the bottom. I looked for a light purple hint to stand out, but could not see it. With a very berry aroma it reminded me of sticking my nose in a bag of mixed berry fruit snacks. It was a little too much in my opinion. There was a small amount of light wheat malt noticeable, but for the most part the berry aroma and flavor dominate. Nothing too exciting about this aside from knowing what Acai tastes like. I would maybe recommend this beer for a summer party, but only as a supplement to an already stellar assortment. It should also be enjoyed very cold. Oh, and it’s USDA certified as organic.

ABV 4.0%

Grade: C+