About a month ago I purchased a six pack of DAB which gave me a great example of what a fine German lager. In Germany, just about every city has a brewery and most cities became well-known for a certain variation/style they brew (as most do). Often times, the brews were hybrids of popular styles in order to diversify to the market or compete with the major brewing cities of Munich and Berlin. Take for example, three close cities that all had their own unique style. There is: Koln famous for the Kolsch, Dortmund which is known for its Dortmunder/Export, and Dusseldorf once recognized for its Altbier.

The Dortmunder style was in answer to the Bohemian Pilsner and the Munich Helles (“light”) lagers. It falls pretty much in the middle of the two having a malt character similar to a Helles, yet maintaining a Pilsner-like hop profile. It usually has a higher ABV than both, but is still low enough to enjoy multiple Liters at 5%.

My mug carried a nice straw gold color liquid with a predominate white head. The aroma was of sweet light malt, slightly bready, moderately fruity, and the hops had a nice floral nose. The water used to brew is hard so there is some mineral aroma, but the sulfur component is very low as apposed to most European lagers. The taste was well-balanced allowing you to get a good bready quality from the malt while the hops rounded out the finish. It is not a dry as a pilsner and I did pick up a hint of DMS (Dimethyl Sulfide) which is a corn-like flavor that did not detracted from the brew. It gave it a taste similar to Spotted Cow.

This beer is very drinkable, refreshingly crisp, and the mild carbonation makes it smooth while allowing residual flavors to coat the palate. It has a great hop flavor in the finish which leaves a clean feeling. I enjoyed this interpretation of a German lager and will eargerly drink it again.

ABV: 5.0%

Grade: A-