After reading Brett’s review for Coors and then Michael’s subsequent comment I thought I’d jump in on the American Adjunct Light Lager debate. I need to preface my review by saying that I cringe at the thought of buying cheap, crappy beer let alone drinking it. It was a Friday night and my first selection was a mini-keg of Newcastle (great price point), but I felt compelled to jump in on the debate.

One knows you are not the average beer drinker when you almost cry at passing up brews like Redhook’s IPA, Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, and Rogue’s Dead Guy. However, I was determined to make myself pick an American brand Lager. Ironically, while standing there pondering what to buy a guy rushed in, looked around for literally two seconds, and then gleefully selected three 24packs of Miller Light. In the words of Johnny Cash, “I hung my head.”

If I’m going to drink a cheap beer it helps to have a masking agent. BL w/Lime does just the trick. I like to call it a “poor mans Corona” since you don’t have to buy and slice the lime yourself. All preconceived notions aside; this beer actually drinks pretty nice. It is of course light, highly carbonated, and the limes do a great job of providing a refreshed aftertaste. Weighing in at 4.2% ABV you can drink buckets of this stuff (i.e., I drank a whole 6 pack myself one night last year). You can taste the adjunct products used (known as grits) which are usually corn and rice. The bottle says that they use 100% natural lime flavor, but I’m not sure how much of that is true.

Normally, I pour all my beers in a glass so I can maximize enjoyment. There are only a couple beers that should remain in the bottle during consumption. Corona and any American Macro brewery Lagers! This way you don’t have to smell what you’re drinking. If you need super quick option for a summer BBQ, a mixed gender party, or don’t want to cut up limes pick up some BL w/Lime.

ABV: 4.2%

Grade: B-