Jammin’ to some Bob Marley this brew sure does go down easy. Crafted in honor of the Rastafari Blue Point is donating part of the proceeds on this beer to “improve the lives of orphaned, at-risk, and underprivileged children, throughout the Caribbean.” This will be done though programs involving sports, education and mentoring. I’ve never heard of the organization but I can get behind the cause.

I can also support this beer as it is yummy. Brewed with a generous helping of Rye malt and fresh hops it packs a nice toasty and spicy aroma and flavor. Looking like an Amber ale it has a very clear body that is close to red/copper. The two finger head has a reddish tint that maintains a thin film for the duration.

Smelling surprisingly well balanced the rye malt and piney hop aromas sync up to offer a nice spicy, yet juicy quality. Fresh indeed! Beyond that, there is a toasted caramel note that reminded me of a smooth sessionable ale. Somewhat floral and fruity as well, the abv (7.5%) found its way through this aspect of the beer.

45 IBUs is what the bottle reads, but I would say my mouth registered a higher bitterness. This is probably due to the rye malt that added a punch on the sides of my tongue. Sweet and mildly bitter up front this beer transitioned well on my palate. The finish was piney, spicy, and carried a minor abv warmth. Malty and resinous hop notes left well-balanced flavors on roof of my mouth.

It had a fairly light mouthfeel for being relatively malty and hoppy, but it did possess creaminess as well. One of THE best Rye beers I’ve ever had. My grade reflects how I think it ranks in that category as well as personal enjoyment.

ABV: 7.5%

Grade: B+