I shouldn’t be drinking this is December with 2 feet of snow on the ground but this ale’s number came up. It was time to drink and review. I picked is off the shelf as a single and waited for a day when a review wasn’t going to be rushed. This brew bounced out of the bottle! Aroma, bubbly, huge head. It looked like it was trying to make a statement for the beginning. Color was cloudy amber with bubbles and sediment. The aroma and flavor were refreshingly “summer” and invited me to guzzle and drink more than one. Lemony, malty and fresh is the way she started. Surprisingly pleasant. A nice bite to start out and get your attention, then some smooth banana-like taste and a slightly bitter exit. Nice beer. I’m not a big wheat beer fan but would gladly pick up a six pack in July. Too bad it’s not 90 degrees and sweltering. This is made for heat and humidity. The mouthfeel is a mix of carbonation and silk! So it starts perky and ends smooth. It coats the mouth for a while so it is enjoyable longer than  normal. I’ve heard this is one of Arcadia’s masterpieces. Definitely a refreshing summer beer because of the fruitiness but the earthy wheat is not far behind.