Yanjing is a brew made of many ingredients including rice and mineral water from 300 feet below the Beijing YanShan mountain. The crafting and characteristics of this brew are recognized as “green” particularly because this beer is brewed in ways that do not harm our environment. It also comes in green bottles to protect its integrity from sunlight. Kinda makes me want to junk the daily vitamin and drink this stuff instead.

At first pour, this brew was clear and golden with great carbonation and a finger of white foamy head. It had a rather refreshing dry floral smell that seemed very inviting. This beer tasted of malt and hops with an incredible light and crisp body that seems to be a consistent characteristic of beers brewed with rice. Yanjing finishes good with a mild malty flavor that disappears quickly, however, these quick to vanish flavors come strolling back after every sip. Refreshing!

This beer is China’s #1 selling brew and Asia’s largest brewery, similar to our American powerhouses such as Miller, Coors etc… Cold, crisp, light and refreshing, so bust out that drinking game or socialize with a handful of these “bad boys” because they will slide down the hatch all night long!

ABV: ?

Grade: B