For some, the end of the world is a frightful thought. Visions of destruction, chaos and death flash across their terror-filled eyes. For me, I was anticipating it, longing for it, craving “La Fin Du Monde.” In my case, though, it was simply a beer, one of Unibroue’s best in my mind. I love tripels. I don’t know where that puts me on the scale of beer drinking know-how, I just like them. It may make me ‘the man,’ sipping down what is known in the beer snob world as one of the finest styles of brews. It may, (and perhaps more likely) make me look like a wuss, like all I can handle is the sweet, caramely goodness of this too-easy-to-drink beer. I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care.

The beer poured golden caramel, a slight head diminishing to a slightly smaller one and then hanging on for dear life through the short life of the liquid in my glass. The smell was booming with grains and an almost chocolate quality. The first sip wasn’t my maiden voyage on this beer, but the taste that slammed my unsuspecting buds was definitely a new one. It was sweet, yes, but there was a cherry quality that was incredible. The initial burst of sweetness faded into a smooth thick finish that hides the 9% abv well. A slightly bitter aftertaste was apparently the hops saying goodbye.

This beer seems versatile; it is refreshing enough to cool you on a hot summer day, but complex and heavy enough to warm your belly on the most frigid of midwestern eves.

All I know is if this is the end of the world, yes, I feel fine.

ABV: 9.0%

Grade: A