When I think beer for the ‘long haul’ pictures of InBev’s best pop into my mind. So when Two Brother’s version of a session ale poured into my pint glass, I eased a sigh of relief. It poured a rich, reddish copper with a respectable tan head that lingered in a way in which the typical American adjunct can only dream. Its scent was also rich, but very faint and subtle, making me want to drink it through my nose if I didn’t know the painful ramifications of such an impulse. It was bready and malty. The hops, if present in any significance, was too hidden for this novice to detect.

The taste was nutty and hearty with a fair punch of carbonation, surprising as the brew itself was as smooth as glass. It went down well, perhaps smoothed out by the time it spent in the French oak foudres. There was definitely a vein of the ‘oaky notes’ they claimed, running through the entirety of each swig.

After consumption, its obvious why this is subtitled as a session ale. Its interesting enough to enjoy every sip, but simple and drinkable enough to have sip after sip after sip…

ABV: 4.2%

Grade: B