Tusker is the main brand of East African Breweries. It was first marketed in 1923, shortly after the founder of Kenya Breweries Ltd, George Hurst, was killed by an elephant during a hunting accident. It was in this year that the elephant logo, that is synonymous with Tusker Lager, was incorporated. The slogan “Bia Yangu, Nchi Yangu,” means “My Beer, My Country” in Swahili.

Tusker is a light colored beer at bit on the golden side.

Nothing significant about aroma. Almost too little to notice. Stale if anything.

The taste is much like a standard, cheap American beer. Nothing to brag about.

Mouthfeel – It was a smooth beer with no after taste.

The overall impression goes something like this.. if this is the “finest quality lager” Kenya has to offer stay away from all Kenyan beers. The name and history are the best part of the purchase. One would be better off looking at the label, imagining the elephant hunting accident and buying another beer.

ABV: 4.2%

Grade: C