Pours a clear, pale yellow with barely a one finger head that dissipates very quickly. This beers smells like the usual American adjunct lager – reminding me of the all too many nights I’ve drank beers of this style in large quantity. It tastes like I expected it would. Mouthfeel is a tiny bit more than the average BudMillerCoors product and there’s a bit of a mild hop bite that I believe is more a result of the high level of carbonation dissapating in my mouth. To say hop bite would be giving this beer too much credit, although I would say it has more hop aroma and bite than the average. There is the typical metallic taste common for this style that I have really begun to dislike. I’ve always wondered how beers packaged in glass bottles can have such a metallic taste, but I’ve learned its attributed to the ingredients- mainly rice and corn known as adjuncts. Someone plesae correct me on this if I’m wrong.

This beer is titled Frugal Joe’s Ordinary Beer and it can be had for a mere $4.99/ six pack. With a price tag like that I’m going to change my tune a slight bit on this one and recommend it over the typical cheap beers found on most shelves. Don’t get me wrong, this is a cheap adjunct lager that will make you pee, but good for hot weather, easy drinking, bean bag tournaments and the like.

ABV: Likely around 4.0%

Grade: C