Despite having a long history with German roots, this beer is just like every other standard Macro adjunct lager in the market.  Formerly located in Detroit, Michigan it become one of American’s well known lager beers.  While the “brewing tradition” might not have changed, unfortunately the quality did.

Taking a look at this beer it has that classic yellow fizzy appearance of so many other cheap lagers.  The light straw color topped by a rocky egg shell white head did not look appealing although I was in search for a cold beverage.

When it came to the aroma three smells defined this beer.  Straw, corn, and grass.  The more predominate one is corn.  Not much here to talk about.  One might think that the use of Cascade might lend more of a hop aroma, but not here.

The tastes is not much better.  The grassy hops and straw malt give a hay-like flavor.  This is this followed quickly by an adjunct corny flavor.  Their website says, that it is “pungent and pleasing.”  I’m not sure who they are kidding?  The finish is dry, light and mildly carbonated.  A very faint Pils bready malt character hangs on at the end.  In the future I’ll be more likely to use this to brew brats in rather than drink.

You can do better…