This beer pours a fluffy, 2 finger head and smells of delicious, American hops. Yellow / orange in color, clear, no sediment.

The taste is balanced and crisp, with some solid malt backbone. Satisfying, yet refreshing. The hops are very present, but not overdone. They provide a lingering bitter aftertaste, but just enough to make you want more, rather than turn you off. It’s a pale ale, and although the hops are very clearly there, they are far from destroying your taste buds.

The aroma is a bit piney, citrusy, and resiny- very true to the American pale ale style. This beer is restrained with a moderate ABV, allowing it to be a beer I don’t mind having a few of, if I’m in the mood.

A well crafted, delicious, and affordable beer, available from Trader Joe’s.

It hits the spot- the appropriate carbonation in this beer leads it to feel velvety on the mouth and smooth going down. Medium bodied, but again, refreshing, easy to drink, and tasty.

ABV: 4.6%

Grade: B+