The first of May is typically not a man’s holiday, but this year I thought I’d celebrate. To help me do so, Sprecher’s Mai Bock arrived in the mail, a part of my April beer-of-the-month club shipment. To date I have sampled to of the Milwaukee brewery’s selections, one was exceptional and one average. With a middle-of-the-road set of expectations, I poured the Mai Bock.

It seemed to change colors like the changing of the season it brewed to usher in. At first, bubbles stir about the center of the bright, shining orange core, but as the head settles from a two finger to a half, it seems as though the entire drink calms to a darker, richer copper. In traditional bock style, malts are very present, but not overwhelmingly so and balanced by a bit of a dry finish. The scent is malty as well, blended with a bit of dirtiness alternating with waves of light yeast. The hops are present, but very light, in the form of a slightly bitter flavor, just preceding the finish.

This beer was decent, but perhaps my palate just isn’t quite so keen on Mai Bock’s in general. Meant to be a transitional beer, between the darks of the winter and the lighter lagers of the summer months, it leaves me feeling like the beer hasn’t taken a stand. While perhaps a good representation of the style, I would probably pass on this brew for something with a little more shameless commitment to any side of the broad beer spectrum.

ABV: 6.0%

Grade: B-