I had an evening alone, my lovely wife was meeting a friend for the evening, so I thought it an opportune time to have a few brews and reviews. My aperitif was the Titan IPA, but aiming for something a bit more substantial in my second course, I pried the Sprecher from its comfy space in my fridge.

Not knowing an incredible amount about dunkel weizens in particular, but having a deeply ingrained affinity towards wheat beers, I was intrigued with this newly delivered beer-of-the-month selection.

It poured a deeper-than-I-predicted brown, with orange and amber around the edges. Its head was like a Tempurpedic, solid and fluffy at the same time. It dwindled from the huge four fingers I caught in the picture, to a single finger in a couple of minutes. Then, it looked rather like an uneven layer of icing on a cake. It smelled of sweet malts, very Belgian at first, and as bready as the Doughboy himself. The taste reiterated the smell, but with an odd, almost cherry layer of flavor. It caused me to reminisce of not-unpleasant cough drops I was forced to take as a child. Complex, it wasn’t, basically that cherry cough drop type forefront and a bit more of the malty, wheat backdrop. While it was decent, it wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. My first and only other Sprecher experience was a bit more memorable, their Black Bavarian Schwarzbier was delicious!

ABV: 4.65%

Grade: B-