New to their fall seasonal line up is this pretty little Brown ale. After looking at their website I looks as though this is been substituted for their Anniversary ale (personally I’m quite alright with that). The fresh new label art given to their bottles over the last year has really become a point of sale for me. This bottle has a scenic river side cabin nestled in between colorful autumn trees.

Like most Brown ales this develops a medium tan head that is dense and sticks around. I felt it was a little too carbonated so I swirled it in my glass from time to time in order release bubbles. The color was literally brown or burnt sienna (yeah crayons).

When I held the glass to my nose an overwhelming roasted earthy sweetness came to the forefront. Using Crystal, Chocolate, 2-Row, and Smoked malts this is one rich and deep brew that will appeal to malt lovers. Big hints of brown sugar, wood tannins, a light smokiness, caramelized sugar, bitter chocolate, toffee, hazelnut, and a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon round out the malt aspect while the Challenger and Yakima Goldings hops add a light fruity apple note. Overall, I’d liken it to apple crisp or something similar.

The taste is full bodied and malty as expected. The roasted/smokiness comes out a lot more on the palate, but not in a harsh way. It is just enough reminding me of autumn campfires roasting marshmallows and drinking hot apple cider. The spice and smoke are present up front on the tongue were as the caramel/chocolate flavors more so on the back. The mouthfeel is medium-heavy and there is a minor dry finish with an aftertaste being mellow malty goodness. Only being 5.5% abv this is a perfect session beer.

I could really see this beer being served cask conditioned at room temperature. The creamy head and smooth mouthfeel would do will to draw out the malts…not to mention make it more of an English style pub ale.

ABV: 5.5%

Grade: B+