Who doesn’t love Robin Hood? A tough guy, hero type who restores justice to the land. It doesn’t get any better than that. As to be expected he loves beer too! In fact he started a brewery in New England. Marlborough, MA to be exact. Today Robin and his merry band is producing a nice set of beers for all of us to enjoy. Robin Hood’s Archer’s is the flagship brew but there are also Sheriff’s (IPA), Maiden’s (blueberry ale) and Friar’s (Belgian white) labels. Each with their own taste of Merry Ole New England. Archer’s English style pale ale was only the 3rd microbrewed beer in the US available in a can. Sherwood Forest Brewers Ltd. were one of the first breweries to realize that canning mircobrewed beer is cheaper, more portable and a more protective way to package their products. With recent developments in canning technology a protective lining prevents that metallic taste and makes beer easier to transport. The real value is superior protection from oxidation. The Sheriff’s brew is a hoppy beer. It pours a burgundy orange with a light. lacy beige head. The aroma is big. Florals and citrus dominate. It is said that some can smell gingerbread but I noticed a more general caramel and spice aroma. When you try this think white grapefruit and the hint will come through for you. This is not a light beer. Mouthfilling is a good description. The sweetness of malt is to be enjoyed before the hoppy bitterness hits the palate. I drank mine at 45 degrees. I think you’ll be pleased with the quality of this IPA.

ABV: 6.3%