I’m sure all of us at some point can say, “I hate technology” (even you mac users). While making our lives essentially easier, when it fails it can make them a living hell. This is what happened to me the last week. My computer got a good old dose of spyware, malicious software, spam, viruses or whatever else you want to call it. However, refusing to be bound by technology, I continued to review the old fashion way…pen and paper. Yeah, I went there. (Side note: I am grateful to my roommate for his wealth of computer know-how).

The first beer review after coming back online is Samuel Smith’s IPA. If you have not noticed yet I’m kind of into this brewery in a big way. Excited to try this brew from Britain, the land where IPAs originated, I broke the seal. The dispensed liquid was a pale orange color with light caramel tones. The head was frothy similar to the previous Smith beers. Putting my nose to the glass I was presented with a familiar smell. All the styles I have from this brewery contain an apple aroma. It is not unpleasant, nor out of place. After sampling a number of Smith brews I’m beginning to recognize the stone squares they use for fermenting. It has an almost rock quarry smell…mineral if you will. That sums it up well.

English IPAs are more subtle than their American counterparts and implement different hops. This beer was smooth and rather easy to drink for an IPA. The bitterness was not as high as I was anticipating. The hops used imparted a spicy, earthy, herbal aroma and taste. In regards to the mouthfeel, it was medium and the finish contained a moderate bitterness. There was a pleasant malt aftertaste, but not much lingered.

Not as good as the Goose Island rendition of an English-style IPA. I’d consider this closer to the Old Brewery Pale Ale I reviewed earlier with a slightly higher hop content.

ABV: 5.0%

Grade: B