Rogue decided to switch up their Imperial series packaging from those large ceramic bottles to little 7 oz samples. From what I have heard it was partly due to product movement which is sad to hear. Now if want a full glass I have to buy 3-4 mini ones.

Displaying a British soldier wearing a pith helmet served to remind me of this styles origin during the English occupation of India. Poured into my snifter it gave off a yellowish-orangey color that was unfiltered and had a minimal head.

The aroma was definitely floral, citrus, pungent, and spicy, but it was not a knockout blow. Contrary to the hops I thought were used John Maier utilized Cascade, Saaz, Northwest Goldings, and Rogue’s own Revolution hop to impart a very fresh and aromatic brew. I sort of got a minor hit of sunflowers and the malts did provide a sweet component. The abv also made a brief appearance.

My excitement for the beer was capped after my first sip. It tastes better than it smells. The hops come alive in a more vibrant way and carry a flavor similar to Goose Island’s IPA which tastes very much like an English style. Higher alcoholic notes of lemon, honey, and orange sweeten the dank, earthy, pungent spiciness of the hops. They are noticeable throughout the brew and leave a wonderful finish that is dry and somewhat resinous. A very enjoyable, hoppy beer true to Rogue’s style.

ABV: 8.0%

Grade: A-