As I sit down to write a couple reviews I poured a thick, motor oil milk stout to enjoy. Naturally, this demanded its own review so here is a quick shout out for a local favorite. Rock Bottom at Yorktown (Lombard, IL.) has a great line up of beers along with some seasonal varieties and brew master specials. I hope to get an inside look into the brewing operation at a later date so be on the look out for an ensuing article.

Minooka Milk Stout is a jet black, highly viscous liquid that boasts a creamy mocha head when poured on tap and a one finger head when poured from a growler (I believe is was also offered on nitrogen before). The aroma very dark and bold with strong hints of roasted/burnt barley which lend wonderful coffee notes. Lactose, a sugar derived from milk, is used to enhance the sweetness lending a chocolaty taste which precedes a rich sugary aroma.

The mouthfeel is silky, yet very heavy. It is extremely filling and I’m left with a very sticky residue because of all the sugar. In regards to the aftertaste, fresh ground coffee flavors linger. Surprisingly, it lacks the dry finish common of most stouts due to the lactose which helps to mellow the bitterness from the burnt malts. This is a great dessert beer and something I would maybe consume towards the end of a meal.

Disclaimer: if you are lactose intolerant this beer is not for you. I’m a partial lacto so we’ll see how I feel after this pint.

ABV: 6.6%

Grade: B