What a day? Looking out my office window all I saw was snow…all day. Thankfully, the ground was warm and the snow was wet so it was quickly dispatched by city snow plows and traffic. Since I work in customer service my job is to make people’s lives easier and provide the best answers. Today I got a call from a store a couple towns away. I could tell by the sound of the manager’s voice that he needed the product ASAP for a customer. Rather than charging them for an overnight delivery I decided to drive the product to them after work. While the reward of knowing some little kid is going to enjoy their present on Christmas day the driving down right sucked. On the way home (after many curse words, flailing of hands, and laying on my horn) all I wanted to do was enjoy a nice beer and put my feet up.

In one motion I entered the house, glided down the stairs, selected my beer, and was pouring the golden goodness. Upon taking a sip the all to familiar “sigh” and shoulder shrug brought with it a very relaxing end to my day.

My beer of choice was one of a few authentic Kolsch beers imported from Cologne (Koln), Germany. Did it hit the spot! It’s an ale fermented at cooler temperatures and then lagered from 2 weeks to at least a month which adds interesting tastes and aromas. What follows is what I experienced.

Fruity, apples, pears, sweet, yeast, bready, clean, crisp, pale gold, slight sulfur aroma, dry finish, pleasantly hoppy, earthy, mild tartness, smooth, creamy, palatable, soft, bubbly, enjoyable.

ABV: 4.8%

Grade: A