I’m not sure why this was the last beer I chose to review from Oskar Blues line up?  Maybe it was the name or maybe I was resisting my heritage, in the end the time has come to partake of this strong Scottish ale.  Brewed with beech wood smoked malt (think Bamberg, Germany) this beer is going to have a unique twist on it.

Giving a very lively pour right down the center of my glass a sizable dense almost mocha color head formed.  The liquid was clear rudy-purple to mahogany which actually made for a very visually appealing beer.  Make sure you take a moment to enjoy this aspect of the beer before taking a sip.  What is noticeable on the nose is a mild smokiness that brought me back to Aecht Schlenkerla beers from Germany.  That same quality is found in Old Chub, but with the aggressive American bigger is better malt profile.

Roasted barley, toasted grains, an almost Scotch or Whiskey type peat profile made up both the aroma and taste.  Chub is definately a malt forward beer and is a nice break from the hoppier beers I’ve been enjoying recently.  The mouthfeel is moderate with a slight stickiness on the lips and in the finish.  It is smooth and drinkable and as the beer warms more of the flavors are enhanced…especially the smokiness.  It carries a dry aftertaste with a faint abv kick.