My brother and I happened to be together this weekend for a family gathering, sharing brews and grilling steak, when we just so happened to indulge in one of our favorite beers…Spotted Cow.  We both stood outside smelling the seasoned beef, admiring the falling snow, enjoying our frosty beverage while most importantly sharing quality time with one another (Thanks for a great weekend bro!)

This straw colored beer is semi-cloudy with a gentle yet consistent carbonation which leaves the beer absolutely mouthwatering.  The head was one finger frothy white that seemed to disappear quickly.  The beer had a pleasant sweet and fruity smell which felt fresh and inviting.  The taste was much of the same with a well-balanced hoppy finish that sat on the tongue for a bit.  This beer felt crisp and light on the palate that went down smooth after every sip.  “The Cow” does not keep me coming back for refills, however, it is a incredible treat to have just one or two.

Spotted Cow along with the many flavors New Glarus Brew Co. has to offer is a popular choice in Wisconsin.  If you are traveling the roads of Wisconsin and love trying beer…grab something brewed by New Glarus!

Look for The Perfectly Happy Man to be touring this fabulous brewery this summer 2010!

ABV: 4.8%

Grade: B+