There are few days where I feel justified in cracking open a bomber. Usually, I have time enough for 12 ounces of brew before the duties of life come quickly calling and I’m off to the next errand, diaper change or family get-together. I’m not bitter, I promise, but when I have a Sunday afternoon all to myself, my reward is a tall brew, enough for a couple pours.

Trader Joe’s was the kind purveyor of this particular brew (crafted specifically for them), a steal at just $2.49 and a seasonal choice that seemed fitting for a relaxing, sunny Sunday. Claiming a ‘remarkable flavor and freshness’ Mission St. has heightened my expectations. To further my already salivating mouth, the brew pours a perfect hazy orange. The head is in typical hefeweizen form and then dwindles, leaving its streaks of foam around the rim.  It smells rich, of spices, cloves and banana, with just faint hints of citrus, and begs to be gulped. I oblige. Its very good, the rich spices and banana reminiscent more of a thick slice of bread than a deep sip of beer. The malts are present in droves, each heavy sip smooth and hearty.

Upon Trader Joe’s recommendation I paired it with a rich chunk of gouda. They complemented each other well, the beer washing down the cheese well and accentuating the rich, nuttiness on its way down.

For $2.49, I was expecting a half-way decent brew. What I got, was a great bang for my buck. Mission St. was definitely underestimated and delivered well. And at just 4.7%, I think I’ll keep this bomber all to myself.

ABV: 4.7%

Grade: B+