So, it’s cold outside in the western burbs, and I’ve spent a good hour of my day walking in it. I come in from the freeze looking for something intriguing. I’ve got the apartment to myself for the moment. Time to kick back and listen to some tunes – random playlist starting with “Chubb Sub” by Medeski Martin and Wood. And pour a glass. Reaching into the fridge with eyes closed, my fingers find the cold hard bottle of Metropolitan Krankshaft Kölsch. Beautiful. A little taste of Germany this side of the Pond.

So Metropolitan Brewing Company is a native Chicago brew palace, up on north Ravenswood in Chicago. Never been there. In fact, I’ve never even heard of them before tonight. But they make Kölsch, and I freaking love Kölsch. It’s a hybrid beer, light in color and boasting a feisty personality. Smells sweet and fruity. Kölsch beer has its origins in Cologne, Germany. Other Kölsch brews I’ve tried are New Holland’s Full Circle and I think another one by Summit: this Metropolitan is the best I can remember.

The color is great … lightly golden and hazy. But not hefeweizen hazy. And no floaties. This beer is brewed with a little wheat malt on top of the hops, which gives it its character. This is less bitter than pilsner, which I also enjoy. I guess it looks a little like a summer beer, but actually it has a crisp, full taste to it that makes it a great choice at any point in the year. I am extremely eager to try this beer on tap.

I’ll end with a little soliloquy from Metropolitan’s website:

Krankshaft Kölsch style beer goes great with fruit salad, sailing, pot stickers, graduation parties, gyros, kick ball, pistachios, cole slaw, Star Trek marathons, miso, rye vodka, canoeing, dinner waffles, dal, gelato, star gazing, popcorn, beach combing, barbeque, lawn chairs, chiles rellenos, muenster cheese, Black Jack, hummus & pita, pinball, guacamole, gardening, French Onion soup, and yoga.

Word is bond. Hat’s off to these guys for an excellently brewed beer.

ABV: 5%

Grade: A