I was going to wait to review a beer until later this evening, but the Chicago Bears, namely Public Enemy #1 Jay Cutler, have caused me to hit the bottle to drown out my sorrows. I turn now to my good friends at Metropolitan Brewing in Chicago, Illinois. The Krankshaft Kölsch is my favorite of theirs, and it’s time to try their other flagship brew, the Dynamo Copper Lager. It’s called a Vienna Lager due to the city of origin (obviously) and uses some various malts, including Vienna.

Copper is apt. The pour reveals a great rich color, with a one finger head that lasts a little under a minute. For a lager, the smell is really something: fruity, sweet, and malty I suppose. There’s a lot going on in the glass, even before you lift it to your lips.

Again I am absolutely satisfied by Metropolitan’s output. Here is a lager with some kick and character. After the first sip, my inclinations are confirmed: awesome. It’s got some citrus in there, with a caramel tone and some tang to it. Tastes great straight out of the fridge, with enough bubbly to carry it through to the end of the glass.  I have a feeling that people who enjoy Pale Ales will really dig this lager, it can run with the ales for sure.

Overall I’d have put this one near the top as far as craft lagers go. Another great beer from Metropolitan Brewing to make this Chicagoan proud.

ABV: 5.6%

Grade: A