I have an announcement to make: Outdoor baseball is back in Minnesota! Monday, April 12th will forever be known as the day Target Field in Minneapolis was open for business. The Twins are back outside. As I sat watching the Twins work over the Boston Red Sox, I looked around at my fellow fans. I saw sun glasses, squinting eyes, and sleeveless shirts. The only thing higher than the afternoon sun was the baseball fever on the brow of every fan. There are a lot of great things in this beautiful world of ours. Here’s one of them: Drinking an ice-cold beer with 39,503 of your closest Twins fans. Our seats were close to the Town Ball Tavern in the left-field corner. As I stood at the bar, I noticed a tap labeled “Land Shark”. It had a pretty cool shark silhouette too. I seldom pass on anything shark-related so naturally I ordered a tall one.

The Land Shark Lager experience was spectacular. Ok, I must admit I was more influenced by the great baseball, great weather, and great ball field. As I focused on the task at hand (rating the beer), I did my best to isolate myself. The Land Shark Larger has a great name, but I didn’t think the beer was overly spectacular. It was very drinkable. It had some minor hops, but was very light and a little ordinary. I think it’s a great ballpark beer. It’s definitely a step above your Miller LIte’s and your Coors, but go with a sure thing if you have other options.

Now I do miss my Dome Dog and when its raining I’ll be looking 10 blocks east at the dry Metrodome field thinking about the good-old-days. But the food, the field, and the frenzy has me hooked on outdoor baseball. Go Twins.

ABV: 4.7%

Grade B-