“Inver” is a Scottish thing! Inverness is the most famous “inver” I assume but “inver” will now turn my thoughts not just to a fabled sea monster in a long, narrow, deep body of water but to beer. This beer is brewed just 2 and a half hours from the sight of the Lock Ness Monster. Inver is a word that traces its history to the designation of beginning of a river. The brewers claim that it is the water that makes the difference in their beers. I found something in Black Friar that was unusual—immediate soft, smooth feel. Before I ever got around to the taste I was struck by feel.

I thought this will be lost once the flavor takes over but that was not the case. The mouthfeel is the best part of this beer. Not to say that beer is not good. I love it. It’s “hoppy” at first turning to a pleasant fruity taste with a hint of orange. It finished with a warm, almost acidy bite. I like the color too. Reddish and kind of blurred. With 7.00% ABV a pint and a fireplace bring just the right amount of warmth for a subzero day in Minnesota. This beer is worth a look.

ABV: 7.0%

Grade: B