Hailing from the city of Bamberg in Germany, known for developing and making famous the Rauchbier (smoked beer), comes this pretty little number. My maiden voyage into the world of this interesting style took place about a half year ago when I sampled their Urbock. I enjoyed the unique flavor of the beech wood smoked malt and decided to explore this brewery a little further.

Come to find out this Helles does not utilizes smoked malted, yet still displays the qualities found in it sister varieties. Opening this Bavarian flag laden bottle it poured a light golden-straw hue with a fluffy egg shell white head. The aroma was crisp, grassy, herbal, hay, straw and made me a little light hearted as it seemed to help bring Spring that much closer. I guess you could say there was a slight creamy corn scent, but for the most part the main malt (Pils) was showcased. As the beer warmed smokey qualities started to manifest themselves. I guess the brew kettle had left over flavors from the previous batch of smoke beer? I found there was a hidden hint of cinnamon.

The taste had a nice dry crispness to it along with previously mentioned adjective. The bitterness was low and malts on the light sweet side. The best part about it was the grassy herbal finish that had a hint of smokiness.