Phenomenal would be the word I’d use to sum up this collaborative brew between two great brewing companies: Half Acre and Three Floyds. I picked up a bomber when I was down at Half Acre a couple weeks ago claiming my allotment of Double Daisy Cutter. I had heard some positive talk about this beer from fellow Chicagoans and after reading that it was a Helles Bock my mind was set giving it a sample.

It poured smooth and silky into my mug producing a creamy half inch head. The hue was mixture of light (helles) orange and yellows that danced in the glass when the sun hit it. As for the aroma there was a wonderful sense of malts and hops present…surprisingly so for a lager. There was a nice cold, crisp lager characteristic both noticeable in the smell and taste. Supporting that was a toasty, bready, sweet, light Pils malt profile. Similar to Three Floyd’s fashion and Half Acre’s hoppy APA this beer incorporates their passion for this ingredient. A pronounced floral nose producing aromas of light citrus (orange), honey, fresh spring flowers, and freshly cut hay took center stage. As I sipped the 6.5% ABV became slightly evident in the aroma.

The taste was a pure delight. A very hoppy lager that was clean, crisp, and refreshing. Common of most Bocks there was a hearty malt quality, yet this style was lighter allowing for more attention to be given to the hops. Both ingredients played off of and complimented each other well. The mouthfeel is smooth and sessionable with a low-moderate carbonation level. As I sipped away at this brew a couple things stuck out to me: 1) the hopping was bold, yet was not overpowering for the style, and 2) I could easily get use to this beer being a year-round offering.

Dear Half Acre and Three Floyds,

Please make this beer again!

Thank you,


ABV 6.5%

Grade: A-