Grain Belt Brewing Co. and Minneapolis grew up together. So when August Schell resurrected Grain Belt beer drinkers in this part of the country were delighted. The name Nordeast comes from the nic name of a defined community composed of 13 smaller neighborhoods whose street addresses end in “NE”. In the wider community, this business district, is the oldest settlement in the city that hugs the mighty Mississippi. The beer Nordeast pours a finger of creamy foam over a clear deep caramel. Carbonation is strong and enduring. The nose is lager all the way- sweet corn, lager yeast, maybe a little fruitiness. I was surprised how “slight” it was and noticed a “slight” metallic flavor as well. The “slightness” continued in the flavor with more corn sweetness and a fruit note. Mouthfeel is light, smooth and crisp. Is sessionable and refreshing. If for nothing else when you drink Nordeast you are drinking a piece of Minnesota history.

ABV: 4.7%

Grade: B