My first awareness of this brewery came around 2008 when I got wind that Furthermore was getting their brewery off the ground. In 2009 I happened upon the label art for Proper and instantly knew it would be a winner.  Something about it…sort of 8-bit, yet simple and classy. While driving Noel and his new bride to the Milwaukee airport I made a run to Discount Liquor to pick up some local Wisconsin brews this being one of them.

You really should try this beer. It is super sessionable and tasty. A down-to-earth beer without nuance that hits the spot every time. When pouring the contents it reveals a light golden hue which could be confused for a Blonde Ale. With a vigorous pour I was able to produce a fairly creamy head (trying to replicate a cask conditioned ale) but it faded as I drank.

The smell was earthy, toasty, biscuity, and bready. Smooth malt notes walked the fence between light and well roasted aromatics. It was sweet and had a good deal of honeyed goodness to it. After sipping on a few of these for a while I noticed there was a faint caramel and toffee presence as the beer warmed. The hops were grassy and herbal giving the malts the advantage ever so slightly.

When I comes to the taste, this beer is very well balanced. Smooth and easy drinking perfect for those chill parties roll into the night. The sweet malt flavors are bookend by dry herbal earthy hops that leave your palate wanting more. That is it…plain and simple. A very enjoyable beer. Can’t get any more straightforward than this.