Sitting inside the cozy confines of my home the snow continues to fall. It looks like there is about 4 inches with no signs of letting up. While I read a beer book my mom got me for Christmas I’m enjoying a new brew. Half way done with my drink, I realized I review for a website and should probably take some time to jot down my thoughts.

This is the first brew I’ve had by FCB so their reputation is on the line. I would summarize this beer as good, not great. It has a dark amber hue like late Fall leaves. On they bottle it advises that I enjoy the confident hop character and rich malt profile. While I will give them the malt profile the hops were a little lacking in the aroma. On the other hand I was expecting a big bitter hoppy nose like other Reds, but this beer uses Tettnanger hops which are milder and have a sweeter floral smell. I could definitely detect the rich caramel, toasted grains, toffee, and biscuit tones that make up this brew.

The taste was just what my nose told me. The mouthfeel was medium-body and finished bittersweet with an earthy hop taste that was slightly overpowered by a sweet malt aftertaste. I felt the carbonation was slightly higher than it should be, but then again I also might have selected an older bottle off a singles shelf.

Grab yourself a fresh 6 pack off the shelf and you’ll have yourselves a good beer.

ABV: 5.2%

Grade: B-