It’s all in the name. I have to admit the name caused me to buy a bottle of this one by Flying Dog. As I was scanning the selections on the shelf at the liquor store, the name “In-Heat Wheat” caused me to do a double take with this beer. As I picked up the bottle, I saw a picture of a dog that was apparently in-heat with its eyes crossed and tongue sticking out. The picture brought back bad memories of seeing what happens when a dog is in heat as a child but I bought the beer anyway.

It pours a thick, golden color with a head that quickly disappears. It smells like wheat with hints of orange, banana, and some spices. With my first sip the taste of citrus hit right away then more of the sweet malts and the taste of banana came through.

This beer is a bit overboard on the carbonation which distracted from the flavor. It was a fairly refreshing beer but not something I would get again. Perhaps the purpose of the unusual name is not only to get you to buy it but to distract you from its average taste.

ABV: 4.7%

Grade: B-